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May Bumps 2011 – Final Results

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Men’s Crews Women’s Crews
M1 -3
M2 +4
M3 +3
M4 +3
M5 -4
W1 -1
W2 -2
W3 0
W4 +2

Race videos: Keep an eye on Spanner Spotter for slow-motion footage of all divisions.

Race Reports


Wednesday: Down 1 – 3rd in Division 1. Bumped by Caius.

Thursday: Down 1 – 4th in Division 1. Bumped by Downing.

Friday: Down 1 – 5th in Division 1. Bumped by St Catherine’s.

Saturday: Rowed Over – 5th in Division 1.



Wednesday: Down 1 – 2nd in Division 1. Bumped by Downing.

Thursday: Rowed Over – 2nd in Division 1.

Friday: Rowed Over – 2nd in Division 1.

Saturday: Rowed Over – 2nd in Division 1.



Wednesday: Up 1 – 16th in Division 2. Bumped Queens’ II.

Although a lot of things have come right in the boat over the last two weeks, the row down to the start was still a little tense. Corpus Christi (sandwich boat) came at us hard off the start and gained to within a length before falling back after the initial sprint. M2 had a solid start and stride; once the rough water was negotiated at the motorway bridge the crew got into a good strong rhythm and closed the gap on Queens’ II going down First Post Reach. Kev got his bell out as we nipped round First Post Corner and the bump on Queens’ II came almost immediately. A good solid start to the Mays!

Douglas Phillips, Cox

Thursday: Up 1 – 15th in Division 2. Bumped Christ’s II.

A good steady row down but during the practise start on Plough Reach Jon’s hand caught the rudder wire which snapped, making the boat a little odd to manoeuvre. When it came to the race, M2 had a solid start and like yesterday quickly got into a good strong rhythm. Wolfson bumped Darwin on First Post Corner, but were slow to clear and caused Christ’s to go wide. M2 rowed a much tighter line and the gap was closed to within half a length. Kev got his bell out half way down plough reach and a tight line into Ditton gave a convincing bump on Christ’s, which was a big relief as the broken rudder wire kept jamming making the boat very difficult to keep on line. Another solid performance!

Douglas Phillips, Cox

Friday: Up 1 – 14th in Division 2. Bumped Darwin.

M2 had a good focused row down to the start with powerful rhythm being achieved during the bursts. I share Chris Bryan’s sentiments from his race yesterday where they were chasing Darwin M2, it is not easy to share the boathouse with ones opponents!! We got a decent start and kept station until after the gun shed. Over the second half of First Post Reach the gap closed to a canvas. We were moving so fast on Darwin by that point that Kev only got to shake his bell a couple of times before the bump came on First Post Corner. All credit to Darwin for giving us a good race off the start.

Douglas Phillips, Cox

Saturday: Up 1 – 13th in Division 2. Bumped Anglia Ruskin University.
BLADES WINNERS – Bumped Queens’ II, Christ’s II, Darwin, ARU.

Cox: Douglas Phillips, Stroke: Jon Gregory, 7: Matt Wraight, 6: Chris Hinde, 5: Paul Ledwon, 4: Scott Warden, 3: Max Whitby, 2: Eddy Flower, Bow: Adam March.

With three bumps already during the week and being the only Pembroke boat still eligible for blades, the pressure was on as we pushed off for this final race. Nevertheless, we had our well-rehearsed and effective warm up which settled everyone. A nice start gave us the first whistle just after the gunshed and we continued to close on Anglia Ruskin down First Post Reach. Coming into the gut we got three whistles and shortly after, Kev got his bell out. We bumped a couple of times in the Gut and finally Anglia Ruskin conceded on Grassy Corner. Blades for M2. A fantastic end to a most enjoyable week.

Douglas Phillips, Cox



Wednesday: Rowed Over (x2) – Head of Division 2 and Sandwich Boat.

Thursday: Down 1 – 2nd in Division 2. Bumped by Selwyn.

Friday: Down 1 – 3rd in Division 2. Bumped by Peterhouse.

Saturday: Rowed over – 3rd in Division 2.



Wednesday: Up 1 – 5th in Division 3. Bumped Jesus III.

Having beaten Jesus III by 15 seconds over 1500 metres at Champ’s Head, we were quietly confident going into this first race. As we rowed up to the marshalling point, the crew we approached looked far stronger than when we’d last seen them – we had to make this our own race. The first whistle took a while to arrive but the crew was prepared for the long haul and Selwyn III disappearing into the jaws of Clare Hall behind us was a huge incentive to push. Two whistles were quickly followed by three as we rounded Ditton and the crew felt strong. A sudden breeze and a tough line took us wide onto the reach but memories of Lent spurred the crew into action. A rate increase and combined push brought us back on canvas and overlap soon followed – our bowman could taste the bump. Jesus weren’t giving up that easy though and steered away from us. We maintained our push and soon our 2-man, 3-man and even our 4-man had their cox in their peripheral vision. Half way down the reach was longest bump most of this crew had ever achieved but a blade clip was enough to secure the victory.

Chris Bryan, Stroke

Thursday: Up 1 – 4th in Division 3. Bumped Darwin II.

Sharing the boathouse with Darwin means that being chased or chasing one of their crews is never easy. A more relaxed start took us through the first 40 strokes feeling calm and prepared. Jesus III, the crew that we fought hard against yesterday, stayed strong and gave us a good pace to push off. Our better rhythm and determination gave us the first whistle earlier than yesterday. Taking it round Grassy we gained another half a length but at two whistles excitement took over and a few scrappy strokes set our progress back. The push out of Ditton has always been a favourite for our crew and today was no exception. Sitting tall into the breeze, three whistles were soon followed by the bell and a tidy bump. As we pulled into the bank we didn’t hesitate to give 3 cheers to our worthy competitors.

Chris Bryan, Stroke

Friday:Rowed Over – 4th in Division 3.

Saturday: Up 1 – 3rd in Division 3.



Wednesday: Up 1 – 9th in Division 3. Bumped First and Third II.

Thursday: Rowed Over – 9th in Division 3.

Friday: Down 1 – 10th in Division 3. Bumped by Selwyn II.

Saturday: Rowed Over – 10th in Division 3.



Wednesday: Up 1 – 8th in Division 5. Bumped Caius IV.

Thursday: Up 1 – 7th in Division 5. Bumped Churchill III.

Friday: Up 1 – 6th in Division 5. Bumped First and Third V.

Saturday: Rowed Over – 6th in Division 5.



Thursday 9th June: Getting-On Race. Qualified and drawn to 17th in Division 4.

(Raced as Pembroke W5; will henceforth be known as Pembroke W4).

Wednesday: Up 1 – 16th in Division 4. Bumped Jesus IV.

Thursday: Rowed Over – 16th in Division 4.

Friday: Up 1 – 15th in Division 4. Bumped Clare III.

"2 minutes 10 seconds!" – Stephen Halliday

Saturday: Rowed Over – 15th in Division 4.



Wednesday: Down 1 – 17th in Division 5. Crew scratched.

Thursday: Down 1 – 18th in Division 5. Bumped by Addenbrooke’s.

Friday: Down 1 – Head of Division 6. Bumped by Girton III.

Saturday: Down 1 – 2nd in Division 6.



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