2020-2021 Winter Newsletter Hello, and welcome to PCBC’s Winter Newsletter! It has been another extraordinary term for PCBC marked again by the challenges of Covid and increased social restrictions, but […]
TRAINING WEEK AND WINTER HEAD-TO-HEAD The members of PCBC started Lent with a week of pre-term training on the Cam, as has now become customary. This was particularly beneficial to […]
M1 M1 are continuing to put in a large volume of training despite the recent flooding and stormy conditions making the Cam unrowable for a significant number of days. This […]
M1 M1 have kick-started their training regime with a heavy 9 session a week training plan, including 5 outings, 2 ergs and 2 weights sessions. Some high praise from Kevin, […]
Overview – by Scott Warden (Overall Captain) It has been fantastic to see so many boats this term out training on the water. PCBC currently have a very healthy membership […]