2022 Novice Key Dates

  • 06/10/22 Fresher’s Cocktails
  • 08/10/22 Big Rowing Day
  • Week 5 Queen’s Ergs
  • Week 8 Clare Novice Regatta
  • Week 9 Fairburns Cup
Rowing is one of the most popular sports in Cambridge, and with good reason. Since the inception of the annual Bumps races in 1827, it has grown into a massive sport, hosting a multitude of events each year for competitors at every level. At PCBC, it doesn’t matter if you want to row for a bit of fun and fitness, or whether you’ve got your eyes on the prestigious Boat Race. Whatever your level, we want you

Any member of the college is eligible to become a member of the boat club.. Enthusiasm is the only essential here. Interested in becoming a member of the best club on the river? Then read on…

Things We Wish We New When We Were Novices

I wish I'd used a bike to get to the boathouse right from the very start - a 25 minute walk can get condensed down to a 7 minute pelt on two wheels!
James Miller
Noviced in 2020
I wish I’d realised sooner how friendly my LBC’s were, only in Lent did I realise I could ask them for just about anything. I spent most of Michaelmas too afraid to ask about the meaning of some rowing lingo for example.
Sebastiaan Hoek
Noviced in Michaelmas 2019
I wish I'd had facebook - I remember getting up at 6am after a night out, making it all the way to the boathouse, only to discover that the outing had been cancelled on facebook!
Mairenn Collins-Attwood
Noviced in Michaelmas 2016