Regatta Homepage

The next Pembroke Regatta will be held on Saturday 18th February 2023.

Races are held between the Stump at the end of the Long Reach and Peters Posts. The length of this course is roughly 1100m. Racing is side-by-side in the form of a knock-out competition.

The Rules of the Regatta are available here.

Any enquiries should be emailed to the Regatta Secretary, Sebastiaan Hoek:


The draw and racing timetable will be published on 14/02 . Crews should familiarise themselves with all possible racing times.

Captains and coxes should familiarise themselves with the Marshalling Instructions

Entries for Pembroke Regatta 2023 opened on 04/02/23.


The Regatta will use the river between the Green Dragon Footbridge and Grassy Corner. Divisions of races will be run approximately every 30 minutes, from 8:00am to 5:30pm. Non-college crews will be able to row through the course between divisions – please follow the instructions of our marshals. We would appreciate advanced notice by email, and we thank you for your cooperation in this. If you require any more information, please email us.

College crews may also request permission to row through the course, but the number of row-throughs we can allow is limited. Such requests should be made by email, and should specify a preferred time for the row-through.